Community Culture Change
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Who Were We?
Bryan, a co-founder of C3.

Community Culture Change, or C3 for short, was a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sprang up from the LA community. Co-founded by three native residents of Los Angeles and Orange County — Bryan Marquez, Brett Yee, and Social Media Director Nhien Tran — C3 was created with a vision to cultivate healthy and vibrant communities in the greater LA area.

C3 Gaming

C3 strove to change the culture in Los Angeles, and especially the working-class and underserved areas of LA, by promoting a growth-mindset culture. By giving children new opportunities, such as with the C3 Gaming project, C3 hoped to transform and renew the minds of the next generation to create a brighter future for the city.

Brett, a co-founder of C3.

C3's goal was to create change for the better. From 2014 to 2020, the C3 Tutoring project was a force for change in the East Los Angeles and El Monte communities. By providing vitally-needed educational assistance to underserved students, C3 hoped to be the spark of change to empower LA's future leaders.